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Hi, I'm Russ

Your first-time homebuyer mentor. If your dream is homeownership, then I want to be a part of helping you to bring that to life, and I want you to be a part of my community!




I fell in love with the potential of real estate when I bought my first house in 2003. This was before I had any knowledge of the process. And it was scary! I was going to owe someone a HUGE amount of money! But it was worth it. Having a place to call my own, fixing it up the way I wanted, and having a steady monthly payment that was never in danger of going up were just a few of the benefits I felt as a new homeowner. Years later, I’ve not only purchased my second house but I’ve also successfully invested in real estate. And I’ve taken my love of real estate into a profession where I get to help others achieve that dream. 

My life experience is that I’m a father of two amazing little guys. They are my everything. Our motto: if it’s fun, if it’s funny, we are in!


My purpose, outside of trying to raise my two little dudes as best I can, is to help others. My dedication to helping first-time homebuyers led me to get a professional designation as a First Home Buyer Specialist, and to speak at non-profit organizations to help educate them. When it comes to First Home Journey, the need I aim to fill is in helping to educate you, the right way. So much of the overwhelm that presents itself in this process can be managed by a comprehensive understanding of what to do each step of the process.



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