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Need Money for the Down Payment?

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2019

Have you been dreaming of owning your first home, but think you just can’t get the Benjamins together to make it a reality?  Give me 5 minutes here to show you a couple of great options if money is tight.

Going to a Realtor is not going to be your first step. Not all Realtors are proficient at all your options. Some even don't know about certain loan programs because they are not easily found! Realtors will come after you have an approval for a loan. 

But did you know that going to a lender is not your first step, either? You may not get all your options from a lender, because they most likely won't break down the details of loan programs they don't offer. 

Wouldn't it be great if there was an unbiased place you could go to, before you were actually ready to go house hunting, where you could get all your options, where you could get the entire homebuying process simplified, and where you could be empowered with the tools and the confidence to...

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