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When Do I Need A Realtor?

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2020

Are you curious at what point in the homebuying process do you hire the services of a Realtor? Here's the answer:

After you are pre-approved for a loan and are ready to put offers in on a house.

So much of this process creates stress and overwhelm when homebuying hopefuls do things in the wrong order. That's a main focus at First Home Journey. Being educated not only on what you need to know, but when you need to know it, is crucial to taking a complicated transaction and simplifying it. 

If you are not pre-approved for a loan, and you seek out the services of a Realtor, they are going to send you to get pre-approved. 

Curious about getting pre-approved for a loan? That's not your first step, either. Your first step is working through common fears, then putting together a budget for homeownership.

Any questions about your first home journey? Reach out via the contact form (all messages go directly to me) and I'll shoot you my opinion! 

Good luck out there!



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