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Why First Home Journey?

You can find any information you want for free. But if you are tired of searching for things, tired of questioning whether it’s trustworthy, tired of wondering if it’s giving you all your options, or just THEIR options, if you just want someone to tell you what you need to know and give you that extra handhold through the initial phases of the process so that you can manage this monumental purchase with ease, then First Home Journey is here for you. We care about your journey. 

If you Google how to buy a house, you get lenders vying for your attention; if you look on YouTube, you get Realtors and lenders vying for your views and your transaction. How do you know that you are being given all of the options, in an unbiased way?

Your comprehensive guide to purchasing your first home


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Inside the course, you'll get 20+ online videos presented in order of what you need to know, when you need to know it.


Your course includes a physical workbook that will be mailed to you to help keep you organized and track your progress.


You automatically receive membership into our private First Home Journey Facebook group for support and motivation.


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